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Quality Satsuma Mandarin Orange

Located in the beautiful foothills of Northern California, Newcastle Mandarin Ranch was established in 1998, by proprietors and longtime residents, Duane and Lynn Lewis. The ranch is family owned and operated and has a quiet intimacy with stunning views and a picturesque country setting that is not forgotten by the loyal customers who return year after year for their “little taste of sunshine” and to reacquaint themselves with the friendly staff here at the ranch.

Newcastle Mandarin Ranch Products

Newcastle Mandarin Ranch Products

With the perfect climate, soil and drainage for mandarin oranges, Newcastle is the ideal location to produce this desirable fruit.  Planted in 1998, all 800 trees bear a plentiful crop during the mandarin season on what was, many years ago, a thriving fruit orchard.

Meticulously cared for throughout all the seasons, Newcastle Mandarin Ranch prepares for and anticipates the coming months during November and December for its first burst of orange color, followed by an exciting season of this incredibly sought-after little orange citrus fruit.

                     Here at the ranch, we continuously strive to improve our business. Aside from mandarins, we offer our product line of delicious Newcastle Mandarin Ranch, barbecue sauces, pepper sauce and marmalade, all made with our own fruit. Mandarin orange sales begin, mid-November and continue through the month of December and are sold at our ranch and additional retail stores. The product line is offered throughout the year at Newcastle Mandarin Ranch as well as various retail stores. Currently, we keep a bee apiary on site. The bees pollinate in spring and summer and provide us with raw Honey for the Mandarin selling season. Sold at our Ranch store.


Newcastle Mandarin Ranch takes great pride in its involvement with non-profit organizational groups, working with school programs and churches (Washington DC class trips, yearbook clubs, special needs students and church youth groups

               Opening Day

           November 7, 2020

Hours:  Sunday-Friday 10 am - 4 pm                                 Saturday 9 am - 5 pm 

        Pacific Standard Time

 Closed  Thanksgiving Day  

   Closing for the season                         December 24, 2020


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Call for product information or to place orders during business hours.         916-663-1475


Duane & Lynn Lewis (916) 663-1475 | 3219 Hector Road Newcastle, CA 95658| email: 

October 2020